dinsdag 15 juli 2008

Will Wright op EA persconferentie

Gamers are 38% God

Will Wright had himself a little fun at the EA press conference today by comparing the number of creatures created in Spore to the number of species that exist in the world, and it turns out the Spore universe is bigger.

According to Wright, the numbers cited the number of creatures in the Sporepedia exceeded known species on Earth in 18 days. Since Creationism teaches that God created the same number of critters in 7 days. Therefore, Wright has declared Spore users to be "38% God."

So next time your wife tells you that you spend too much time playing games, tell her it’s hard to be God, even if you’re only 38% God.

Op Gamespot en 1UP! vindt je iets meer informatie over Will Wright op de EA persconferentie.

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