vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

Spore: Best PC Game op de GC 2008

Spore heeft de 'Best PG Game' award gewonnen op de GAmes Convention 2008.

Zie ook dit artikel op de Duitstalige EA - GC2008 site.

En ook op deze pagina van Games Industry vindt je er nieuws over:
SPORE - Electronic Arts

In "Spore", Will Wright lets players create their own species and send them off on a journey through five billion years of evolutionary history. In the process, he succeeds in combining elements from casual, strategy, role-play and action simulations into a single game - and opens the door to a games galaxy in which all living elements are designed by the players themselves. "Spore" is at the same time both complex and comprehensible and will have an inspirational effect on video game development for many years to come.

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