donderdag 28 augustus 2008

Will Wright: Spore hype is een 'probleem'

Gameinformer heeft Will Wright geinterviewd en Will heeft het ondere andere over de verwachtingen die veel gamers hebben:
Wright: I think it’s too much hype. About a year ago, we were realizing how much hype we were getting and we decided we should start to say that it’s going to suck just to de-hype it. That is a certain amount of pressure. When people don’t know much about something, they tend to fill in the blanks the way you want them to be filled in. That’s true of almost anything. Then, when the actual thing comes out some people will be disappointed that it’s not “hardcore enough” or it’s not “easy enough” or that we didn’t do this or that. We’ve gotten to that point any additional hype isn’t serving us well. It’s a concern.

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