donderdag 4 september 2008

Gamespot geeft Spore een 8

Op de review van Gamespot zaten we te wachten en hij is nu online en Spore krijgt een 8.
Spore keeps a timeline of events, pinpointing every decision you've made and assigning you into broad categories based on your overall behavior (social, adaptable, and so on), so there's plenty of reason to try a different approach. Not that these varied approaches make for drastically different gameplay, but they do give you a reason to revisit the amusing moments that make Spore unique. Throw in the best customization tools seen in years and an enthusiastic community brimming with creativity, and you have a legitimately great game that will deliver hours of quality entertainment.

The Good:
- Intuitive and comprehensive customization tools
- Oozes charm at every turn
- Impressively broad scope
- Great audio and art design.

The Bad:
- Individual gameplay elements are extremely simple
- Early stages aren't very engaging.

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