zondag 28 september 2008

Spore Origins Update 1.2

Gamers die Spore Origins hebben kunnen een update downloaden.
Because you’ve downloaded Spore Origins from iTunes, we thought you’d like to know that there is a free updated version available for the new iPod nano (4th generation). Spore Origins now supports the accelerometer, allowing you to move your spore simply by tilting! This new version is compatible with iPod nano (3rd and 4th generation), iPod classic, and iPod (5th generation), but only the iPod nano (4th generation) supports the accelerometer feature.

We have placed an updated version of Spore Origins in your download queue. To re-download your purchase, make sure you are connected to an active Internet connection, and choose 'Check for Available Downloads' from the 'Store' menu in iTunes 8 (or 'Check for Purchases' from the 'Store' menu in iTunes 7). If you can't find this option, you can also click this link to check for Available Downloads.

If you need assistance syncing Spore Origins to your iPod, you can review some troubleshooting steps here.

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