woensdag 15 oktober 2008

Lucy Bradshaw over 1e pack en 1e uitbreiding(en)

1UP heeft Lucy Bradshaw uitgebreid geinterviewd over de eerste Spore pack (Griezelige & Grappige Pakket) dat op 18 november in de winkels ligt en de eerste uitbreiding die een diepgaandere gameplay voor de ruimtefase zal geven en die Mei 2009 in de winkels zal liggen.

Lucy gaat (onder andere) in op de prijs van de pack (zo een 15 euro), dat er later misschien tools online komen waarmee we zelf onderdelen kunnen maken (net als voor Sims 2), en dat Will Wright nog steeds betrokken is bij Spore en deze week in New York zal zijn om te praten over Spore.
1UP: Like I said about the Parts Packs earlier, in theory there's an infinite number of these that you could do with different themes and variations and different parts of the game with creatures, building, etc. Do you ever see it expanding at some point so that the players can somehow create parts as well?

LB: Right now we're focused on introducing new assets. It's fairly complex in terms of how you would get a block that ultimately meets all of the requirements that the core engine has all the way through into the game. We do have ways in which players can ultimately export files into Maya and other things -- these are things that we're working on polishing up and making sure we can release them to our community of players. Right now, because that pipeline is a very complex one, we're focused on adding to it ourselves.

Downstream, yeah, I'd love to be able to do something like that, probably for more high-end players who have some 3D art skills -- we'd love to support that kind of thing. That's something we've done in the past with The Sims franchise, to give tools that are more geared toward an experienced user. That's something that fascinates us. It's not seen as competitive; it's actually seen as taking it in a direction that the players ultimately want to go.
Over de eerste uitbreiding en toekomstige uitbreidingen zegt Lucy Bradshaw:
Where we're actually introducing new gameplay and gameplay depth, it's about taking even some of the creativity aspects that will add to the expansions and brining them into the gameplay surface of the game. We are focused more on the space stage, but bringing you down to the planet and having you experience it in a more up-close manner. That's a lot of fun for us, because we can really add some depth. We're listening to our community forums, to our player experiences, and that is one of the things that they're expressing. They want to go deeper into some of the areas of the game, and that's something that we can absolutely deliver on.

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