woensdag 15 oktober 2008

Maxis zoekt ideeën voor 1e uitbreiding

Heb jij ideeën over wat er in de eerste (Ruimte) uitbreiding voor Spore moet komen?

MaxisCactus en het Spore Space Adventures Team zoeken je dan en je ideeën kun je in dit topic op het Amerikaanse Spore forum kwijt:

As you’ve heard in a recent press announcement, we at Maxis just started working on a new expansion pack, Spore Space Adventure, that will let players create and play missions out of the spaceship and onto the planets.

As we are still early in the production phase at the time of this posting, we thought we would let you, our community, give your thoughts and suggestions about the pack.

What are some of the features you’d be expecting in an expansion like this?

Your feedback is important to us, we are listening. Please keep it constructive.

-MaxisCactus and The Spore Space Adventures Team

'Spore Space Adventures' zal dat de titel worden van de 1e uitbreiding?

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