vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

Will Wright over kunstmatige intelligentie in games

Tijdens de Popular Machanics conferentie heeft Will Wright ook met Glenn Derene een gesprek gehouden over kunstmatige intellegentie, een verslag van dat gesprek (met een korte video) vindt je op deze pagina.
In the future, Wright sees plot-driven videogames—which he sees as an unfortunate result of "film envy"—giving way to a kind of personalized gaming experience, based on a computer's ability to read you. The more you play, the more defined the game will become. "The computer can sit back and say, you're doing a comedy, or a drama, or a thriller," says Wright. "The computer will start building a model of you, figuring out things you like, things you're good at, things that intrigue you." The computer might start tweaking game elements, from the graphics to the background music. "Computers will recognize the story the player is trying to play out, and up the ante," he says. "It will be more like the Truman Show. The computer is in the background, adjusting the environment." The player, meanwhile, is blissfully ignorant of the customized storyline reconfiguring itself around their every decision.

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