vrijdag 21 november 2008

Ditjes en datjes over Will Wright

De New York Times heeft een rijtje ditjes en datjes online gezet over Will Wright:
Fantasy career: It would involve large construction equipment or being a helicopter pilot

Favorite Sims memorabilia: A little construction set I designed while I was working on The Sims. I had a friend build me a prototype of where the Sims would live. It is the only one of its kind.

Favorite game he didn’t design: It’s a call between Civilization and Grand Theft Auto. One makes you think of history in a different way. The other is a playground where you can wreak havoc and don’t have to clean up afterward.

Last meal: Jambalaya.

His private Spore game: I’ve been trying to beat Spore on the hardest setting. I’ve gotten deep into it, to the spaceship phase, to the center of the universe. I am now building a long, slow campaign to colonize different galaxies.

Aan de foto's te zien lijkt het erop dat Will Wright inmiddels verhuisd is; het is een ander huis volgens mij dan het huis uit Will Wright's Crib.

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