woensdag 5 november 2008

Kleine verbeteringen aan Sporepedia

Er zijn 2 kleine verbeteringen doorgevoerd aan de Sporepedia: 1 ervan is dat je nu kunt zien hoeveel mensen zich geabonneerd hebben op jouw Sporecast. De andere verbetering vindt je in Spore zelf: daar kun je nu zien zien hoeveel mensen jouw als Maatje hebben toegevoegd:
We've re-enabled subscription counts for sporecasts so that you can track the number of subscribers. We've also fixed the count of followers on your in-game My Spore Page so you can know how many people have added you as a buddy. Please note that in order to see the latest subscription count on the left side of the in-game sporepedia, you will need to logout and login.

We wanted to let you know about some of the details of the fix.

In general, subscription counts only update every 5 minutes. However, for the next few days our system has some catching up to do with the existing sporecasts and users. We expect all the sporecasts to be accurate within an hour, and we expect everyone’s count of followers to be accurate by the end of the week.


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