vrijdag 5 december 2008

Scott Humphries over SPORE: Origins

Een van de mensen achter Spore Origins, Scott Humphries, heeft een interview gegeven op deze pagina van EA Mobile:
Q: Will there be the opportunity to present the creatures you created to other gamers?
A: Totally. That's where Arena mode comes in. Since one of the other main focuses of the PC game was user-generated content and our platform is ALWAYS connected, we wanted to make sure to tap into this strategy in some way. We thought it would be cool to take the creatures you made in Evolution mode and trade them with friends to watch them battle. So we created a networked version of the game where you can battle friends directly from your handset and a community site (spore.eamobile.com) where you could battle friends by transferring your creature manually using DNA codes. Each creature fights uniquely with their AI emerging from the parts you added to them in Evolution. There's a Flash interface on the website where you can watch your creatures fight it out and each player can store up to 16 different creatures. There's also a global leader board where you can track your creature's rankings and battles.

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