maandag 15 december 2008

Spore meest teleurstellende game van 2008 heeft Spore uitgeroepen tot de 'Most Disappointing Game of 2008':
1. Spore (PC)
After years of unprecedented hype — no small amount of it coming from the pages of Wired magazine and — Will Wright's evolution game Spore was something less than a Big Bang. While it was fascinating to observe how players created new creatures and shared them with the Sporepedia tool, the actual videogame at the core of all this user-generated content was disappointingly simple. The primordial soup of assorted gameplay tropes never did give birth to an evolved supergame. Spore may very well be remembered as introducing concepts that will change the way we play games, but that didn't make it fun.

De rest van de top 10 vindt je op deze pagina van Wired.

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