woensdag 28 januari 2009

Lucy Bradshaw over Spore franchise

Gamasutra heeft Lucy Bradshaw (general manager van Maxis en executive producer van Spore) flink wat vragen gesteld over de toekomst van Spore.

Het gehele interview vindt je op deze pagina van Gamasutra.
CR: How do you test the user-created content generation in Galactic Adventures? It seems like such a complex task.

LB: We have a lot of testers. The competency of our test groups... and we also have our embedded team. I don't know how many different teams you talked to, in terms of their composition, but one of the groups that we have is an embedded dev test team.

They were giving us that incredibly tight loop. When we developed a new feature, they were giving us that halo testing around it immediately. We could really hone it and move on to the next feature as we add things.

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