vrijdag 23 januari 2009

Morgan Roarty over Spore Galactic Adventures

Executive Spore producer Morgan Roarty heeft een uitgebreid interview gegeven aan WorthPlaying en er worden aardig interessante vragen gesteld.
WP: Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind the rating system? Realistically, whenever there is that much user-created content, about 90 percent of it is throwaway and 10 percent of it is awesome, but finding that 10 percent is the challenge. How are you guys going to go about it so that the user doesn't have to spend his time downloading mission after mission only to find that they're boring?

MR: It's all about the rating system. Every time you play the mission, you give it a rating, and we've seen it on the content side; if you go to Spore.com, all the good content bubbles up to featured content. Again, if you're a really good guy who makes creatures out there, the most fame you'd get is featured content on Spore.com. That's the only way you're going to see your hard work and labor. These missions are a whole new avenue to show off your content. We've already proven with featured content that it's going to bubble to the top, so I don't see a problem with being able to see the good stuff and not be exposed to the bad stuff.

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