vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Spore wint Jim Henson Award

Ik denk dat iedereen The Muppet Show wel kent en de (inmiddels overleden) maker en bedenker van The Muppet Show: Jim Henson.

Sinds 2005 worden elk jaar de Jim Henson Awards uitgereikt en Spore heeft er dit jaar 1 gewonnen.

Uit het jury rapport:
The Technology Honor acknowledges an individual, organization or product who/which demonstrates ground-breaking technology in a creative way. Spore, the popular video game created in 2008 by celebrated game designer Will Wright and EA gives gamers their own personal universe in a box where players build their own galaxy from scratch. The game is meticulously conceived and executed with infinite detail, allowing a gamer to design and create his own character - a digital alter ego - providing for an unprecedented level of user creativity as his being evolves from a single-cell organism to a galactic god over hundreds of millions of years.

Bron: Kotaku

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