zaterdag 13 september 2008

Kotaku: de plussen en minnen van Spore

Op deze pagina van Kotaku een review van Spore maar dan net even anders; verdeeld in Loved en Hated:
A Gaming Buffet: While Space is certainly the strongest of the game's five stages, the others shouldn't be written off. The first time through, one might have the urge to rush things in their race to get to space. But once you've played through the entire game, Spore allows you to go back and play whichever stage you want as a standalone.

Shallow Waters: While the lead up to space can be good fun, many of the early stages are so stripped of nuance they can be annoying. I found the tribal and civilization stages to be particularly irritating. Why can't I group by hot key in the tribal phase? Why is the path-finding so horrendous? Why do I only get to choose from a few weapons? Those stages could have used a bit more care, the guiding hand, of a hardcore strategy gamer.

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