zaterdag 13 september 2008

Rolling Stone over Spore audio en Brain Eno

Rolling Stone, het grootste muziekblad ter wereld, heeft een artikel online gezet over de audio / game muziek van Spore en Brian Eno die verantwoordelijk is voor het grootste deel van de 'procedural music'.
According to Kent Jolly, audio director for Maxis/Electronic Arts, Eno understood the concept and was on board immediately. “In the first phone conversations with him, he really got the idea that the music was always changing, that it would be procedural, and he was really excited about it,” Jolly said. “Within a week of talking to him, without having set up anything, he sent us a full CD or more of stuff, and some of it was made right then, not just things he found on his computer, which was pretty amazing.”

Zie ook de Sound in Spore van CosmicD's Spore preview.

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