donderdag 25 september 2008

Paste Magazine interview met Will Wright

Will Wright wordt op deze pagina van Paste magazine uitgebreid geinterviewd, niet echt over Spore zelf maar (onder andere) over de rol die games kunnen hebben in het onderwijs:
P: The possibility of Spore as an educational tool and the release of experimental software on the fringes of Spore. Do you see this as the beginning of a thrust towards outreach in education? More so than in other games.

WW: Well actually we've done that a lot over the years. Back before Electronic Arts bought Maxis, we published teacher guides for all of our things. We had a set of teachers that would come in twice a year and talk about how they're using their games in their classrooms and stuff. There's been a major change in the way education is approaching computers and the way kids think about and use computers.

I think that nowadays, especially with something like Spore, that wants to be primarily entertainment, that I see the value of these things much more in the realm of motivation than education. I'm much more interested in this point in getting kids motivated to be interested in all these different fields whether they're science fields, cultural, engineering or whatever.

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