donderdag 6 november 2008

Maxis Q & A: Sporepedia en Sporecasts

Maxis heeft op het Amerikaanse Spore forum wat vragen beantwoord van gamers over de Sporepedia en Sporecasts.

Al eerder heeft Will Wright het een en ander gezegd over toekomstige verbeteringen voor de Sporepedia, zie dit blogbericht, en ook in deze Q & A komt het Maxis team daar weer op terug:
With 26 Million and counting creations its getting increasingly hard to find exactly what we are looking for. Will you be adding the same search features in the In game Sporepedia as we have in the website version and/or enhancing the search and sort features of the website Sporepedia? (i.e. searching by most popular, featured, and other sorts that allow us to find and click download in game easier.)

Maxis: We don’t currently have plans to work on our in-game Sporepedia search, but we do plan to make it easier to search for content on the website. We’re developing some better UI and search functionality to enhance that user experience.

Why can't we comment on Sporecasts? It makes no sense not to, this should be enabled.

Maxis: We hope to add comments on Sporecasts in the future.

Will the spore server issues EVER be addressed? i hate going into it and finding what I'm looking for only if the server decides to work. I can't even search my OWN creations to make a sporecast.

Maxis: The team is aware of this issue: We’re working on ways to optimize our servers so that the load doesn’t impede functionality.

Je vindt de complete Q & A in dit topic op het Amerikaanse forum.

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