woensdag 28 januari 2009

Equipment Editor in Spore Galactic Adventures

Vanochtend meld Bit Tech in een nieuw deel van hun Galactic Adventures preview dat er in de eerste uitbreiding voor Spore ook een Equipment Editor zal zitten.

Met deze editor kun je zelf wapens en andere 'tools' maken die je nodig hebt om rond te kunnen lopen op andere planeten:
The final editor on offer in the new expansion is a new equipment creator that lets players craft new weapons and tools for their race to use when they beam down to a planet.

It was one of the biggest shames of the first game afterall that, although you could visit alien planets in the space age and you were able to hover above them, plaguing and abducting the ETs below, you couldn’t ever leave your spaceship. Now you can do that, but you’ll need special equipment to survive once you land.

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