zondag 25 januari 2009

Nog meer over Spore Galactic Adventures

Er zijn nog wat artikelen online gekomen over de eerste echte uitbreiding voor Spore en ik heb er 3 geselecteerd:

Mercury News:
As far as quests go, Maxis has managed to create a wide variety within the game. There’s the simple fetch quest where players have to find an object like a flask and return it to a certain character. There are also races through mazes and defense missions, where players have to protect a certain character.

These missions all end up in a story that can run up to five acts.

You can choose from a preset list of planets or you can just create your own. You can design an ice world, lava world, water world, and more. You’ll be able to place islands, rivers, roads, and customizable houses all on a world as you see fit. Items such as vehicles, jump pads, keys, exploding barrels, and more can also be placed on planets to add to a player’s story. You can even place music and audio clips all across a planet.

The expansion can be played two ways. It can integrate into the existing Space Stage, so you still fly around in your starship and take missions from other aliens, but some of these missions may involve you getting out on the planet’s surface and pursuing objectives. Or if you just want to have adventures, you can go to the Sporepedia and load up any planet and adventure that you want.

De nederlandstalige pers meldt weliswaar vaak dat er 4 nieuwe Spore games aankomen maar geven geen preview of interessante informatie over de games dus deze meldt ik dan ook niet.

Hopelijk komt daar de komende weken verandering in.

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