woensdag 28 januari 2009

Sporeday: 2 interviews

Gisteren was het weer Sporeday op de Amerikaanse Spore site en ze hebben 2 interview online gezet.

Het eerst interview is met Randy Cyr aka Slartibartfast38 een speler wiens creaties erg populair zijn. Het interview vindt je op deze pagina.
Which editor is your favorite to create in? Why?

I'd have to say I have grown to love the building editors. I am still relatively new to them, and I learn something new about them each time I use them. I also feel I can be somewhat more imaginative in the building editor as the boundaries feel a little more broad. The bulk of my work is in spaceships, however. But I now feel comfortable in both. I look forward to moving on to the creature editor one day.
Het tweede interview is wat 'serieuser' en is met SETI Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak, dit interview vindt je op deze pagina.
steak89: On a different note, how close would you say Spore's space stage is compared to the current REAL galactic situation? Steve and Grox aside, can we envision the world outside ours as (more or less) how Spore depicts it?

Hey! I'm still in the Darwinian "warm little pond"! But colonizing the Galaxy might be more than a little difficult for biologic intelligence - lifetimes are short, and the distances are long. It may be our artificial-intelligence successors that can really travel to the far reaches of the Milky Way.

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