woensdag 28 januari 2009

Performance issues op Spore.com

Maxis Cactus laat ons in dit topic weten dat er nogal wat inlog en performance issues zijn op de Amerikaanse Spore site en dat er hard aangewerkt wordt om deze issues optelossen.

Ik denk dat de meeste van ons daar vaker zitten dan op de Nederlandse Spore site dus hier maar even een berichtje over.
Hey everyone,

We are aware that there are some performance issues affecting Spore.com right now. You may notice profile and Sporepedia pages are slow to load. Some of the performance problems may also be the root cause of the intermittent 500 errors that some of you have reported seeing recently.

Our best people are currently working to resolve these issues, please bear with us as we make the site faster for you.


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